September 25, 2019

Will Fred Ever Open The Window?

Scott O'Neill

Patiently Waiting For Fred, 2019

This short story imagines how a natural world which is rapidly running out of time might finally take action against a society that is unable or unwilling to grasp the urgency of the environmental crisis it has created.
There is no more important issue facing the world at the moment and yet the general response in one of apathy, an apathy fostered by the self-interest of politicians beholden to the profit-before-all-else whims of corporate lobbyists and a compliant news media happy to facilitate their lies. And the longer they can perpetuate the myth that everything is under control they longer than can profit from the public’s inaction. But inaction is not an option. The world is at breaking point and sooner rather than later, its patience will snap.
(N.B. Contains strong language).