January 13, 2019

Will city skylines be forever peppered with cranes?

Josephine Glass


Cranes are simultaneously a work of art and creators of art. They are majestic metal creatures, standing proudly in the sky, orchestrating the creation of new things. They are an almost permanent feature across every city throughout the world, swinging materials through the air like the artist does also.

The similarity between the world of the crane and my work is the ever changing nature of it. The layers of city that are built up reflect the layers of paint applied to the canvas, however Cranescape has the opposite effect in that as the layers of paint build up more it hides the city in a thick layer of black acrylic night-time.

The piece is a night view from York Place in Edinburgh, up to the cranes that are carrying out work on the new St James Centre complex in central Edinburgh. The permanency of cranes in the skyline creating new spaces, but simultaneously covering them up permanently is a strange concept. The change that is brought by a stagnant skyline is a refreshing view, old techniques of painting being used in a changing way to connect with a modern style of landscape painting.

Acrylic on Canvas
80cm by 60cm

Instagram @josephine__glass, #josephine__glass