June 19, 2019

Will advanced procreation grant a deeper level of empathy?

Michael Collazo, 24

The quest for the invisible pulls at the heart of humanity. The reconnaissance, translation, performance and innate intuition of one’s collective consciousness can provide us with some short-lived foundations. Why is memory? The cyber and real mesh together and perhaps create what it mirrors, organic life. We cannot purposefully seek to control the phantom that is creation, but we can find traces ever so often, each just as different as the next, but oh so similar. Looking inward becomes reflective, creating emotional stories becomes reflexive. With this we return towards our singular complex perception, our empathetic language of time, memory and empathy. This quest implores an emotional cognitive exploration; simply, this piece allows a moment, a transparent, reflective moment that casts one solid shadow of the experience we have all experienced, birth. Gentle contemplation remains the important note throughout this symphony.

Although my work is pretty heavy handed with philosophy and abstract poetry I’d like to state one thing, I create because I truly love what I do and if I didn’t I’d stop.

Telophase Purgatory,
15 cm l x 43 cm h x 0.2 cm w,
3D laser cut and acrylic paint installation