Cake and sugarBroken, 201910" round x 36" high

Almost 11 years ago, my 15 year old daughter, Kirsty, died in a horrific car crash. Having experienced death of family and friends in the past, it in no way prepares you for the death of your only child! I have lost no more than any other parent in the same situation, but my perception of the loss is total. Everything that she was and yet to be, everything I had worked for; hopes, dreams and expectations from life, gone in the blink of an eye. I was asked how I was feeling at the time, “Like a tired, broken old man,” was my reply. Comments like, “Shes in a better place,” or “Time is a great healer,” do not help. Grief is yours alone to bear, a part of who you were dies at the same time. Time stands still for no-one, before you realise, years have passed by. You carry that loss with you every single day! With time, you can smile again, but scratch away the surface and that raw emotion is still there. Life is death. But why so young? That cannot be right, surely? The burning question will always be – why?