January 7, 2020

Why would someone kill the one they love?

Ailie Hunter, 49

The play Cuckoo is about love turned dangerous, something which should be beautiful and comforting, which becomes bitter and violent. A story of jealousy, dependency and a reflection on the poisonous nature of insecurity. Two men, long-term lovers, live in a deteriorating, lonely relationship in the middle of the 1960s, just as homosexuality is decriminalised. They respond to this freedom differently. Ken clings to the past and his lover, but Joe rides the wave of the times. The two men are trapped half-loving and half-hating each other. Joe is frivolous, Ken is ominous. The power shifts between them all the time, one has the power of the heart-breaker, the other has the power of the abuser. The play focuses on the rising tension between the two men, and the mental health of Ken as his obsession with his lover grows.

Cuckoo, 2019Play