October 25, 2018

Why Wait for the Weekend?

James Cave


People live for the weekend. They grind away at computers, answer phones and long for Friday night. Desktop screensavers constantly remind them of adventures to be had, of possible places they could escape.

So I asked, why wait for the weekend when there’s so much that can be done after work? There’s 16 hours between 5pm and 9am, a perfect window to leave behind the buzz of the modern world and re-connect with what’s important. And, especially living in Scotland…

We live in a fast-paced and complex society, so it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. However, I believe we can bring more purpose and value to our day-to-day lives by populating each day with something to look forward to, spending more time in the outdoors, and socialising with others without the distraction of “social” media. And that’s why I believe so passionately in the “After Work Adventure”, however big or small it may be and wherever you may live.

The film was created using a basic iPad and it was designed to make people laugh. In many ways, this mirrors my idea that adventure should be easily accessible to all and, most of all, good fun!


Alistair Cave: Editing, Sound Recording

The After Work Adventure

Film The film was created entirely under my own direction and as a result of my own initiative. I work as the Communications Officer at the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, so I used this platform to initially promote my work, rather than it being commissioned by them. In return, I was delighted to use their logo to brand the work.

I used stock music to accompany the piece. This is credited in the YouTube description.