August 9, 2019

Why stop playing?

Saskia Singer, 24

Play is integral to art, fun and enjoyable, yet practical, both subconscious and thoughtful. Inspired by Donald Winnicott’s Squiggle Theory, his psychoanalytical investigations into children’s mark-making were the catalyst for my degree show: ‘The Squiggle Series’. Stimulated by the raw expression of imagination, creativity and feelings.

My work is deeply motivated by the role of the subconscious and places importance on carefree aspects of squiggles and mark-making. My practice is predominantly ‘playing’ with materials, process and primitive techniques, it utilises the ‘formlessness’ of the squiggle: the subconscious guiding the foundation for visual production.

Squiggles, mark-making and ‘random’ object-placement are elements of this play. It is a correlation of an improvised, subconscious approach; working intuitively to create an installation, whilst also continually being thoughtful and reflective about the mini-dialogues, conversations and energy present within my work.

Squiggle Series, 2018