January 13, 2019

Why should we devote time to travel?

Gail Bankier, 19

My time in Japan simply cured me of my ailments. As a person who has always been a perfectionist in everything I do, I was forced to abandon it in Japan. I needed to communicate and interact through a language that I lacked experience in. The loosening of my habit for perfection made me feel surprisingly achieved, since I have always felt the urge to make sure everything I do is within my comfort zone. I have always suffered from claustrophobia yet I survived the change of environment and the mass of people. Travelling in the trains at rush hour in Japan forced me to face my fear. Although it was uncomfortable for me it has benefited me greatly as I no longer suffer from claustrophobia like I did in the past. Overall travelling forces you to change your way of approaching challenges, especially in a country that’s tongue has a completely different structure to your own. It is something I truly believe everyone should do, visit somewhere you have always wanted to go because not only will you discover the beauties of that place you will also change your way of thinking and conquer your fears.



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