Video/Object: Cotton Yarn, Synthetic Yarn, Wool, Plastic SnapsSelf Taught I,

This project was named“Self-Taught”. It consists of a series of playful crocheted sculptures which are based on the lack of sexual education in China.

In this project I am more focused on research and analysis of myself, on ways to alleviate my trauma. Under the circumstance of “non-sex education” in China, I have become a feminist who is not only confused about my sexual orientation, but also has a deep-seated fear of sex.

By hand-making the entire project by myself, I tried to release my fears and misinterpretations, through the process of crocheting with yarn in vivid colours. And I made the sculptures in different sizes and shapes to show my naïve childish imagination.

The final result is an overall bodysuit with several soft sculptures that can be freely attached in different ways and in different combinations. I recorded a video of my performance wearing it, playing with the pieces as if I was an innocent child.