RisographCRYING'S NO CRAZY, 20201008cm x 1425.6cm

CRYING’S NO CRAZY is a commentary on the engrained need to diminish all negative feelings. An inherited flaw of the Scottish working class. I grew up hearing the phrases “just bloody get oan wi it” and “I wish I could afford tae be depressed” frequently and these phrases soon became my mantra. That is until I became a victim of stalking. CRYING’S NO CRAZY is a work that started in a sad place, a place where I couldn’t sleep, where I couldn’t leave the house and where my anxiety was slowly draining all of the energy from my soul. With the help of counselling, wonderful friends, my family and anti-depressants, I’ve finally started to feel like myself again and learnt the value of being more forthcoming with expressing my feelings. As a result I have created a new mantra, CRYING’S NO CRAZY and printed it a hundred times, into a bright and colourful celebration of the progress I’ve made with my mental health this year. It is a reminder to anyone who has ever suffered from anxiety or depression, who has been a victim of stalking, domestic violence or sexual assault. CRYING’S NO CRAZY. Talk to someone about it.