August 29, 2018

Why must we define ourselves when we’re so young?

Torben Melohn

“On The Cusp” attempts to convey the anxiety that comes with the end of childhood and early life, around the age of 16 – a juncture at which young people living with the rising pressure and perceived importance of academia must chose which personality they will inhabit until they retire.

Children born of the current generation face unprecedented pressure throughout their early academic career to chose their path of progression beyond their childhood and teenage years. Often times, this seems to force young people down avenues of extremes and absolutes, as the desire to define one’s self may take precedence over the need to stay true to one’s personality. Young people flit between ways of being as if flicking through channels on a t.v.

This angst is universally known, but uniquely understood only by young people of the current era.

The video which accompanies the music is intended to emote such feelings of angst with its blown out colours, poor resolution, and otherwise low production value. This is also true of the track’s production. They both fail spectacularly in defining themselves stylistically.