January 18, 2022

Why Is Weight Associated with Beauty?

Tony Quilietti

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When you are struggling with being underweight, it feels as though you are stripped of your identity and allocated instead as a “body”, constantly judged by the public eye. Being called “skeleton” and being told to simply eat more can be utterly soul degrading. How do we as a society find it acceptable to promote the skinny physique as the highest standard of beauty in advertisements and media while also turning a blind eye to the casual body shaming that comes with it? Conforming to these beauty standards encourages self destructive behaviour that will be passed onto future generations for centuries to come. Young people are already baring the brunt of this crisis, as predictions show over 1.5 million young adults will be classed as severely underweight within the next few years. As we come out of the pandemic, the separation of weight from beauty needs to become a priority.