October 16, 2020

Why is there one on every bus?

Rob Milroy

Why is there one on every bus?, 2020

Football and trouble have always gone together, but certain fans attract it more than others. Anyone who has ever been to a match must have wondered what it is about the male condition that means ‘there’s one on every bus’. The question has specific relevance for me. I was 28 and in a 6 year relationship with a ‘nice girl’ when I came out as gay. At school in 1980s small town Scotland, gay was so wrong, so outlandish, it wasn’t even on the agenda to be dismissed. I’m always asked “How did you find out?” It was not a sudden revelation. It was a process of several years but I can pinpoint the start; the trigger: it was my first fight as an adult, at Ibrox. The trigger unquestionably violence not sex. Looking back, it’s no surprise I ended up a masochistic gay skinhead; happiest under a bigger man’s boots. Oink.