Poetry and imagesA body of bees, 2021

This body of poetry and accompanying images intend to articulate my own internal struggle with the mentality of eating disorders and their effect on my relationships. The piece itself was constructed through blending an assortment of digitised drawings and poems created over the past 4 years of my recovery; the review of which has helped me to understand my own emotional journey through artistic reflection. It’s purpose is inherently to visualise this journey through a mixture of images and words, which show the implicit vulnerability and self-distrust that often underpins the romantic endeavours of eating disorder sufferers. Why can’t you love me? Why can’t I love myself? Why does my mind protest? Why is my body against me? The piece echoes the fundamental importance of self-discovery and internal acceptance in the recovery process, which I hope will assist in conveying the intrinsic value of initiating our own healing to other sufferers.