October 13, 2020

Why is light sometimes so hard to see?

Denise Vernon, 32

It came as a shock to realize that I had been suffering from mental health issues for a long time. I can now see that my anxiety had stopped me from doing many things in the past. My depression said that I could not possibly achieve them anyway. At some point in life, most people will experience things that seem too hard to deal with. When this happened to me, I have wallowed in my misery for a while. An opportunity to do something new with someone new had arisen. Despite what my mind had told me, I went for it. The sights, sounds, smell, even the rolling motions of practically sitting in the sea had opened a way to see a new perspective on my life and acted as a tonic for my troubled soul. While it might not be small boats and the sea for everyone, I believe that there is an equivalent for us all. The way into the light hides in every darkness, but all the paths leading there are not the same.

Leaving the darkness behind, 2020Oil on stretched canvas420x300x15 mm