January 7, 2020

Why is life not lived?

Lindsay Howie, 48

Having had loss in my life my work gives me reason to paint people who have or have had laughter in theirs. Painting Billy and being a massive fan of his work from a young age wasn’t my only reason, but him having Parkinson’s and the fact I lost my mother to the same disease was the driving force. My aim is realism and to focus on the eyes and expression to look into their soul, so to speak, to capture what they are thinking or what they have seen in their life and let it be expressed out through their eyes to tell stories, of which I’m sure Billy has many. I paint a butterfly in all my work, this one being no different, in memory of my mother to symbolise her life and faith. I chose that image to show Billy’s character before his illness, to separate expression differences. Painting is comfort food to me, somewhere to zone out from reality and create a piece of work that tells a story, that is read differently depending on who reads it . This piece is acrylic on canvas, airbrushed and brush.

The big yin, 2019Acrylic30"x40"