July 23, 2021

Why Is It So Hard to Express the Intangible?

Laura Spence

DigitalWhy Is It So Hard to Express the Intangible?, 202110x10cm

My entry explores the inadequacy of words to express emotions and impressions. It is directly inspired by my own experiences. It is so hard to articulate love for a person, and that for all the ways we can say it maybe ‘I love you’ is simply a series of shared experiences and fond memories. These illustrations try to explain how I feel about someone in my life; I spend a lot of time in nature with them, and when we explore somewhere together often the world in front of me doesn’t feel real, or has a dreamlike quality. When I look back at past adventures, I remember snatches of landscapes and an undercurrent of feeling. When I tell this person that I love them, I have all of this in my mind, and the plain words don’t feel like they say enough. It isn’t just love that is hard to express. Every person is made up of everything that ever happened to them, and this is behind every decision they make and everything that they say. But how can this ever be communicated? When you aren’t a poet, how can you ever really say what you mean?