March 17, 2019

Why is it hard asking for help?

Matteo De Simone, 25

I’ve been living in Stirling for over three years. I’m a student. A worker. A traveller.
A trier.
Italy gave birth to me, but Scotland gave me hope.
Currently, I’m spending a semester abroad in Morocco, and I thought I’d feel differently, I thought that our societies and systems were different – but it turns out that I was wrong. The wall between you and yourself is everywhere.
In the last three years, Stirling University has suffered the tremendous loss of two students who decided to take their lives. Ever since, I started to ask myself why it is so hard to ask for help.
Before leaving Italy, I had found the strength to look into the mirror and ask myself what was best for me. That time, I realised that I’d never had a sincere conversation – the wall was too thick and tall. Was it out of pride? How can you accept a sweet downfall and start loving yourself?
How can you ask for help? Let’s talk.