September 12, 2019

Why is child abuse so invisible?

Sofia Conti

Full Frame DSLR Nikon D750Silenced, 20193536 px x 3696 px

This was a project to try to demonstrate the ongoing issues of child abuse still going on today. It poses the questions, why are the victims still invisible? Are we simply not awake to the ongoing problems? Or is it the case the children are silenced by the abuser(s)? I used a shallow depth of field on the adults arm/hand as I wanted the victim to be at the forefront of the composition. Having the finger hushing the child in a subtly manner gives a sinister quality to the image to really shout out the message to the audience. The added quality of the adults tattoos, bruising to the child’s face along with the clothing choice add to the mood that the child is neglected, thus provoking emotion when viewing the image.