January 4, 2020

Why is a collage a suitable place to talk about suicide?

Frances Ryan

Collage and Mixed MediaConter Fleurette series, Varies from A6 size to A3

I would like my entry to communicate how a work of art – specifically a collage – can be the ideal place to broach painful subjects that can be difficult to talk about. And how collage can be used (by those who may be contemplating the act and those affected by it) as a tool to bring about expression, a voice in a non-verbal form of communication. This can be delicate yet violent, vulnerable yet ruthless, and fragile yet visceral, and can be displayed in a poetic and emotive visual language that speaks volumes yet doesn’t utter a word. Found papers, vintage ephemera, demonstrating shared experiences and connected histories, bring about higher levels of understanding and new ways of listening. Collage is one of the most readily accessible mediums, it can transcend time, society, culture, by using the very materials produced and discarded by that society. In doing so, it promotes belonging and inclusion while celebrating difference and diversity, all through the separation, fragmentation, re-forming, re-imagining,  and layering of individual pieces, to highlight challenges and deliver a new way of looking at the world. “Synchronising threads of past, present and futures both of the individual and the community”