October 24, 2019

Why Hurt Yourself?

Abele Ave, 22

In this piece I explore self harm and its effectiveness as a coping mechanism. I explore its positive, cathartic aspects whilst also providing a representation of the twisted broken mess it leaves behind.

This is an issue very dear to me.

The piece is intended to be shown lain atop a sheet metal bed in the centre of a well lit studio.

I combine abstractions and realism to create what I deem to be as object a representation of the experience of self harm as possible.

The piece depicts a wounded, dismembered body bandaged across it’s middle and wrapped in bloody cellophane.

"Abele Ave" (Der Körper Auf Verwundeter Leinwand), 2019sculpture, collage, paint, string, tape, cellophane, styrofoam, chalk, charcoal, sheet metal and pencil on canvas2x2 meters