Poetry and Reflection on the Troubles in Northern IrelandWhy Have Our Bridges Burned and Over These Years, What Have We Learned?, 2021

This poem tackles different aspects of my experiences, such as trauma, communication, and rebirth during the Troubles in Northern Ireland. As a teenager there was an incident in the area that I lived which completely changed my paradigm of how safe my family and I were. The individual whose experiences take up the majority of my poem lost someone very close to them and was never the same again. The verse beginning “Never left with his tail between his legs” is in reference to and in respect for my father. The imagery I have chosen for this piece is that of a clenched fist holding a young woman. This represents the mothers and daughters who have lost loved ones during those traumatic years. I hope the people who may read it will also have an understanding of seeing someone going through a dramatic change to their personality often by external factors not within their control. I want to give a voice to the silent majority who lived through this life and still remain strong and proud of their individual identity although I am not religious myself. The overall message is one of hope “I still wait patiently for a Song”.