July 3, 2020

Why have I been endowed with aberrant proclivities and why can’t I say that another way?

Rory Mullen, 21

I attach what some advise me are ‘poems’. My name is Rory and I was born in, live and breathe Glasgow. My emphasis in any ‘work’ is usually on the performative aspect. However, here I have taken care to transpose them into an arresting form that versification will allow. Each work is inherently bound up with both stigma and sin. These themes inform and propel the production of my poems. An internal narrative of sinfulness meets and external of stigmatisation in the first poem I attach. In such a sense, the poems constitute a reaction to the themes and a blind cathartic reaction to stultifying experience itself. Typographically and lexically arresting, these poems attempt to capture my individuating experience as a marginal and repressed figure in society and struggles with identity and sexuality. They offer, through the focalisation of me as individual, insight into internalised homophobia, repressive West of Scotland masculinity and mercurial mental health that explode and live in the lines themselves. The anguish of being spurned becomes a rejection of condition in totality. They are deeply personal, of course, but, I hope, not without a wider reach or applicability.

The Bam's Apologia Pro Vita Sua, 2020Cape Magazine