January 30, 2020

Why has letter writing become a lost art?

Paul Cuddihy, 53

I used to love writing letters, even more than I loved receiving them, and I really loved receiving them. Sadly, something that endured as a form of communication for over two-and-a-half-thousand years has largely disappeared in recent years with the advent of such things as emails, text messages and social media platforms. In writing a letter, we put something of ourselves on the page, through our language, the way we express our thoughts and feelings, and even in our handwriting. Composing a letter has never been done in haste. Rather, care and attention is given to its content. We also think of the recipient, and of how they will react to what they read, and there is an intimacy in handwritten letters which is absent in other forms of communication. What have we lost in our relationships with each other in abandoning letter writing? This is a lament for a lost art.

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