My daughter first pointed out the uniqueness and the beauty of the dandelion to me, telling me how it represents the three celestial bodies of the sun, moon and stars. I found it so fascinating that I did some more research and discovered many more amazing facts about the dandelion. I decided to write the poem that I have entered. I want to communicate the beauty of the dandelion – a flower considered a weed and so often overlooked. It is a fascinating plant as are its three distinct stages – the yellow sun-like flowers, the moon-like globes and the star-shaped seeds that float away like something from a fairy story. I want to inspire people to start a conversation about how special ‘ordinary’ plants and other species are and encourage people to look at them in a new way. I find it really interesting that when we see something a lot, we notice it less. We miss a lot because it’s there every day. In the future, I hope to further illustrate the beauty of the everyday and inspire people to look twice at what they have not particularly noticed before.