January 31, 2022

Why Don’t People Have Empathy for Those Affected by the Pandemic?

Lee Paton

MusicBreathe, 2022

This song is about the other side of the pandemic in where people where pretty much trapped in their houses or forced to brave going outside deeming a lot of low income workers as ‘essential’ and it’s not great in terms of mental health. I wanted this song to be for those that really feel the strain of this from the perspective of being locked in doors being unable to go outside. Essentially the major over all theme is the kind of depressiveness of your own 4 walls once being a place of comfort and becoming a prison for the most part. Even more unlucky those that work stressful jobs from home (not to undermine the brave covid nurses and doctors). I want this to remind people to take a minute and remember that above all else they matter and they don’t have to brave this alone at all.