PoetryWhy Don't I Dream Anymore?, 2021-

This is an introspective self-evaluation that is personal and yet so universal at the same time. Having moved away from home as a young, vulnerable person triggered elements of self-doubt in my dreams, values, goals that were once so prominent. An identity crisis! Hurtful events from the past are suddenly understood – and that is dealt with seeing symbols crumble in this new everyday life – like the irises. The desire to be liked – to blend in, to become a chameleon and grow new skin. Certain hopelessness is universal – this is a young person in crisis, and everybody imaginable was once young. To exist may be easy, but to live is more difficult. Dreams help us live, yet I chose to explore what occurs if we don’t choose to dream. I am driven by my dreams and visions of me growing, becoming, so when I doubt that – I doubt everything about myself and those around me. This poem sounds dramatic yet fatigued because it is. The act of performance is a means of reaching out – it is not only written down where it can be hidden, it is now said for everyone to hear. A proclamation.