October 1, 2021

Why Does the Sun Set and the Moon Rise?

Isaac Heard

Watercolour and Felt Tip PenSand, 202156 x 76 cm

Mythologies occur in all cultures as a means to make sense of the world and yet in today’s information ladened society the importance of mythology has become a novelty. Despite relentless advances in technology and science research shows that mental illness and isolation are possibly the highest humans have ever known. I believe recalibrating ourselves to our dreams and the rich roots of all cultures is a natural antidote to issesnat isolation. In my painting practise I examine my ‘secret life’ of fears and desires to connect to myself, ancestors and society. I believe the lack of a coherent story amongst modern people has led to an increasingly polarised society. This sense of fragmentation informs the composition of my paintings. In my work I take images from folklore, film and social media to create a metaphysical landscape with implied narratives. I believe painting is uniquely equipped to access the unconscious and tell stories as it is a non verbal, instinctual and universal language. I want my paintings to act as a reflective space that allows a person to explore their own consciousness, relationship to their own secret life and the wider public life of society.