April 29, 2019

Why does the magic fade when the stone dries?

Anonymous , 19

This is a short story inspired by a conversation with a couple of friends questioning the grandiosity and impressiveness of a thought disappears as soon as it is spoken out loud; ie. why does the magic fade when the stone dries. It continues on to explore that in a way we are all stuck in our own thoughts and in our human inability to ever fully express that thought in the same way we know it in our minds. The story questions why we are unable to express a thought the way we hold it in our minds and our constant need to try to do so anyways, through the metaphor of the drying stone and the main character being stuck in the same loop in an attempt to allow the readers to question their own difficulties in expressing thoughts and reflect upon the small ways in which they are able or have been able to do so in the past.