September 25, 2019

Why Does Society Revolve Around Gender?

Abbie Wood

PoetryA Body Unfamiliar, 2019

I’ve spent the past two years plagued by society’s views on “gender norms”. I recently explained to my friends and my college administration that I was struggling with my perception on my own gender, and asked them to refer to be as non-binary – which turned out to be the answer, as it’s granted me incredible freedom and comfort in my own body. However, not conforming to society’s stereotypes regarding gender does lead to an immense amount of self-doubt and questioning yourself as you start to wonder whether you’ve made the right choice.

This poem was both a question to the world and an answer to myself; a letter and a reminder that I was making the right choice in deciding to be myself, while also asking why I was made to doubt myself in the first place. It is a poem that details my exploration of my own mind and being, despite how flowery it may seem. It has taken me a long time to get right, as has everything else around this subject, but I can only hope it makes an impact.