January 31, 2020

Why does poverty continue to prevail while the number of rich persons is increasing?


This painting shows contrasting life of rich and poor in one frame. Reports shows that the 26 richest persons own as many assets as the 3.8 billion people who make up the poorest half of the planet’s population. This mixed media artwork uses tonal pencil to show the underprivileged children who lead miserable lives where they are trapped in an endless cycle of poverty. These poverty-stricken children do not dream of lavish lifestyle, fancy cars, giant houses and lavish parties. For them fulfilling the basic requirements of life is a big challenge. The contrast between the media and colour is used to emphasise the ignorance of affluent people towards the indigent. The portrayal of food wastage furthers this idea since the poverty-stricken kids are deprived of their necessity and they year for good quality food while the rich waste it. My artwork reflects and questions our society, where the rich and prosperous knowingly allow the needy to suffer whereas the poor children dream of overcoming the monetary barrier in order to lead a normal life.