January 31, 2021

Why Does One Human Apparently Matter More Than Another?

Laura Mayer

Installation, Various Scrap MaterialsSuit Yourself, 2020

This work focuses on initiating a holistic systematic transformation in society, politics, economic and all sectors of our human-made system. At the core of such a radical change lie our values that we build everything upon.

And breaking the fundamental transformation down to what’s to change leads to this necessity: Everyone has to matter. Suit Yourself tells a narrative about shaping the value to be important, giving it to oneself and openly showing it to the world.

My intention was to utilise the normal, ordinary object “jacket” by charging is with the value “I matter”. By this, the normality of the object will rub off on the message, in order for it to become as obvious as the used object.

Because norm create normality, and we are in desperate urge for new normality. I’m hoping to engage the audience with this tactile object, in hope that a viewer automatically sees themselves wearing the piece and feeling how much they matter. The piece is made from scraps, suggesting that there are no excuses, that there is always a way, and that we have to enable everyone to wear their powerful suit.