Photographs In A SlideshowWhy does girls’ education matter?, 2021

This photo exhibition shows the context of girls’ education in Malawi in the 21st century.

Poverty and insufficient funds to pay tuition fees and other resources, such as school uniforms, mean that over 60% of girls in Malawi do not enrol in secondary school.

Like so many other countries, Malawian girls are more likely to drop out of secondary school than boys because they face a range of cultural and practical barriers to education, including early marriage and pregnancy. Education empowers girls and improves their employment opportunities.

Educated women tend to have fewer children and they are better able to educate those children in turn. Would the girls in these photos be so confident in front of a camera if they were not being educated?

Education gives them the confidence to ask questions and to demand a say in decisions within the family, at work and at national level. By enhancing the part that women play in the democratic process, education of girls is an essential part of the development of any nation, not just Malawi. Yes, it is a poor country trying hard to develop infrastructure, but these girls are its future.