January 2, 2022

Why Does Everything These Days Require an Underlying Value?

Jon Christie

FurnitureOne chair, 2021H765, W510, D540

The ‘One’ chair is defined by innovation, technical expertise and a passion for experimentation. It has a powerful presence that provides a modern touch and a sculptural flair. The design builds on a tradition of minimalism and timeless aesthetics to achieve a result which is as functional as it is beautiful. Designed for contemporary dining and conversation. The goal was to produce a shell chair design in hardwood rather than plastic or moulded plywood. Each chair is designed and made in Britain by some of our finest crafts men and women. Their skill and attention to detail are evident in every piece. The workshop received a UK government tax exemption for the project which could be classified as research and development. This unique design is based on a firm understanding of comfort, function and aesthetics. 3 prototypes were produced to get it just right. Why does there need to be any underlying value or message, why underlying? My designs are open and honest through craftsmanship and material. Their purpose is to perform the task they were designed for and to bring some joy through its form. Nothing appropriate in the ‘Medium’ section for a designer of physical objects.