July 25, 2021

Why Does Daydreaming Carry the Stigma of Being a Bad Habit?

Zuper Rookie

Music video/ SongTransfixia, 2021

Do you have memories of your school teachers scolding you for “not paying attention”. Perhaps you recall relatives rather patronizingly mocking you for “being away with the fairies”. For all of the ways that we as a society claim to inspire and encourage creativity, we seem to have in many ways formed the opinion that drifting off from reality into a daydream is a bad habit. TRANSFIXIA (A made up word, at least within the general English Language) is my attempt to change the perception of what daydreams can be. TRANSFIXIA, the word, represents an individual falling into a recurring state of daydreaming. It represents an innate desire to escape from day to day life, to a land of endless possibilities and self fulling creative thinking. TRANSFIXIA, the song and accompanying music video, is an alt-pop bop celebrating daydreaming. An eccentric and colorful look into the recesses of my own mind, made with the hope that it may encourage others to switch off from the world for a moment. I believe humans collectively should take the steps to encourage daydreaming in all walks of life, for creative enlightenment and self empowerment. I am Zuper Rookie and this is TRANSFIXIA