January 22, 2020

Why does crossing a line matter?

Amanda Wheatley, 58

Over the last few years boundaries and lines have been symbolically prevalent in contemporary discourse, often bringing to mind something unyielding or hostile, for example when thinking of the plight of refugees trying to enter new countries; usually prevented by walls or fences. Or else when considering the rigid red lines of certain politicians. To my mind, these are dysfunctional boundaries. It was important to me to represent a human hand (although it could just as easily have been a foot), traversing the boundary and to have the line itself as wavy and broken in places. In order to re-visualise the line as something other than a barrier. The shape of the line also recalls the shape of the human veins in the hand, which are deliberately emphasised here.

Hand with wavy line, 2019Oil Paint24cm (H) x 18 cm (W)