Multi-disciplinary audio visual immersive sculpture. 51 separate units - similar yet different, each pulsing, a replica universe human heart.One - A project of unity & hope., 2020Single unit average 2m height/ 1m width - each interconnected across landscape.

My mother’s comment on my aggressively optimistic, creative & cathartic approach to living. ‘Why do you care?’ – a comment from the ‘its always been like this’,  ‘what can we do’ & the ‘get on with it generation’. My mother’s silver tongue of outstanding commentary she delights us with every so often, one to match the statement she ‘loathed music’ or that ‘exercise is bad’ (its a wonder I managed to survive childhood). ‘Why do you care?’ Generally numbing in its initial impact, sad as it is inspiring, it took some moments to reciprocate, simply, ‘Why don’t you care?’ Maybe this was the starting point to ONE – a project of unity & hope, it helped engage me further with the deep imaginings of the concept & helped me create a nationwide conversation of hope. Imagine a cacophony of heartbeats that slowly start synchronising, like metronomes, rhythmically harmonising into ONE strong beat. Imagine that experience sonically & sensory submergence & submission, release into an imaginary transcendence. But why care, why try, why imagine such experiences? for the pure belief we have the power to make better changes, we have the collective power to create transformative miracles through art with heart.