June 28, 2022

Why Do Women Have To Suppress Their Divine Selves?

Lauren Hutton

PoetryThe Divine, 2022

Over the centuries women have been oppressed. Told to suppress all that makes us who we are. So, why are women told to suppress their divine selves? This is to stop us from recognising our self worth. This poem is dedicated to the contradictions of our inner strength and the world we live in today, and have had to endure for thousands of years. This message of taking back our power is especially important with the fight that we have to still battle through everyday. The hate and the pain that are built into our experience. I take inspiration from the Greek pantheon and the goddess Aphrodite. Everyone knows Aphrodite to be a goddess of great beauty and love, but through the years this has made her a lesser god in some eyes. Even though she was considered a warrior goddess. She was powerful and her beauty so great, Zeus made her marry so that no wars would break out over her. As women our beauty is so sought after, that there are those who wish to control it. I like to think that as women our existence is beauty itself, therefor in beauty we find our strength. Just like