FilmIn Sickness, 2020

The reason I created In Sickness was because I wanted to highlight the importance of how people suffer physically and mentally behind closed doors. This film shows a man at breaking point suffering from grief, depression and in constant turmoil. But to someone else he looks composed, in order and is seeming fine. I wanted this film to show that it is important to talk, rather than hide things inside and suffer. My creative work has always maintained a certain theme which is questioning the norm of society. I created 2 other projects “What is my Identity?” and “What is a Man?”. “What is my Identity” tackled the stigma surrounding people from a mixed race background. What is a Man?” highlighted toxic masculinity and how the media have created a perception of what men should be. I believe the work I create is not just an entertaining film or documentary but it challenges big questions in society. I want my work to be authentic and relatable and not just give a voice to people who go unspoken for but to give them the support they need and show that this is a common problem throughout.