January 8, 2020

Why do we spend so much time looking down at our phones when we could be looking up at the beauty around us?

Kate Robertson, 17

Sometimes, it’s as simple as looking up from your phone and realising how beautiful the scenery around us really is. I always used to look at beautiful places on social media and wish I could visit them, until one day I came across a photo taken in Scotland and truly began realising how unique and beautiful the landscape right outside our doorstep really is. I began to photograph places local to me and realised how many people envy us for living in Scotland the same way I used to envy others for living in other beautiful, photogenic locations. Through my photographs I want to encourage other people in the age of social media, to escape their stigmas and opinions about their local area and not take it for granted like I did. I want people to visit the locations I photograph and discover the real beauty of Scotland and feel proud of living here.

Beauty on our doorstep, 2019Digital Camera