July 23, 2019

Why do we see ourselves so differently than other people?

Svea Horn

PoetryLies, 2019

I have always struggled with self-confidence and beauty standards in general. I have never felt beautiful or attractive in any way or at least not a lot, so when someone tells me that they think I am beautiful, be it a family member, a friend, a partner, or a stranger on the street, I struggle to believe them. Particularly with romantic partners, I have struggled a lot to understand what they see in me and how they could possibly think of me as beautiful.

I know a lot of other people struggle with this too, particularly when you have dealt with bullying, humiliation or bad break-ups in the past. If you have been convinced by others that you are worth less or not enough, it’s so incredibly difficult to believe others when they try to convince you of the opposite.

Self-love is a journey, one that can be very exhausting sometimes and one that requires a lot of energy and effort.
But maybe, we will be able to look into the mirror and agree with others eventually, when they tell us how beautiful we are.