November 24, 2020

Why Do We Scream When No One Will Answer?

Ally zlatar

Acrylic On PaperI scream into the darkness, 2020

Why do we scream when no one will answer our call?

It’s a question I ask myself a lot. Emotion, and passion can fill us, but often no one will be there for us. The artwork seeks to address the existential issue of “what is the point?” what is the point in screaming? what is the point in being angry? what is the point in getting upset over lightbulbs not matching?

As an artist this piece is to explore portraiture and Dutch art on Enlightenment. Just because we are aware of our own existence and mortality, it does not mean we can make a difference. I scream and scream but, nothing I do can change anything. Maybe it is the realization of mortality and the fact that we are unable to change or fix the world around us that drove me to make this piece. I struggle to this day to cope with the fact that the world is a dark void, that no matter what I do to fix it, or even fix myself I can not change a thing. This makes me ask, why do I still scream?