September 27, 2019

Why do we sacrifice so much for love?

Will Leckie, 18

This piece of new writing is about the life and love of Francis Bacon, acclaimed internationally for his paintings of popes, crucifixions and close friends. Despite his charm, kindness and creative genius, Bacon was a deeply troubled man. Although his relationships are shrouded in ambiguity, a traumatic childhood and nihilistic lifestyle did have a considerable effect on his lovers and companions.

The play focuses on his relationship with George Dyer. The pair plunge into a passionate, tormented relationship, with Bacons new muse reigniting his work, yet this comes at a terrible price.

Bacon sacrifices comfort, love and his dearest friend for his own creative pursuit. Dyer is also faced with his own ultimatum: abandon a past identity and accept his own sexuality or lose his lover. Trapped between two opposing worlds, the pair seem unable to escape.

Romance can save us, according to today’s society and culture, routed in the courtly tradition. It is an authentic means of expression, especially for two gay men living in a time were homosexuality was illegal. It is left up to each audience member to consider whether the sacrifice is ‘worth’ it; with love inevitable comes complication.

Bacon, 2019Theatre