March 2, 2020

Why Do We Place So Much Pressure On Ourselves?

Ross Lyttle

A'v aye wantit tae be a dentist, 2020

“The pressure’s on!” – it’s a funny thing, pressure. It can spark great personal achievements, and make for glorious competition. But similarly it can be a disease, often self-inflicted and totally out of our control. When I was studying to get into dental school, I didn’t really acknowledge that what I was doing to myself was unhealthy, that my ‘need’ for success was my own personal poison. This piece of work brings to light my own personal experiences with how harmful pressure can be, and demonstrates that mental illness does not stereotype people as we commonly do. I always saw myself as a ‘normal’ kid; fit and well, works hard in school, good home, good life. And normal kids are never shown to be the ones with the mental health problems. Do we really have to be so unkind to ourselves? And should there be more awareness out there of what the consequences of pressuring ourselves can be?