April 1, 2020

Why do we not listen to the birds?

Donald Falconer, 49

In this brave new world of the Coronavirus and the social restriction imposed on daily living, recently, I noticed a new sound. What was it I heard? Well, it was the sound of SILENCE. One day while siting in my home just before I switched on the TV I heard the most wonderful sound outside my window. It was the sweet song of nightingale singing its heart out. I had never really heard the birds sings often as I live near a very busy road just like a lot of us do today. So I thought to myself why do I never really listen to the birds? Then in the quiet I remembered I couldn’t hear the noisy, bustling traffic so loud that I normally couldn’t hear myself think, never mind listen to the birds sing. In that moment I felt my disconnect with nature. So after hearing the truly beautiful sound of nightingale singing I was inspired to write this poem so that maybe others will take the time to listen to the birds too, while we still have the opportunity. It is also a call to highlight the decreasing number of nightingales found across the UK today.

I can hear a starling, 2020Poetry/music