spoken word poetry in writingAnimals., 2019a short read

This piece was inspired by the disconnect people created with/to nature. It is an attempt to cope with and/or to address death. Our planet has been suffering and screaming in silence for so long now, and the amazon forest burning shows just how severe the crisis is. The fire can also be contributed to meat consumption, which is why the question of whether or not animals feel anything is not important; if they display a certain behaviour, it means that they are valid, they are real, and they have bodies too, they too do feel. Animals and society can teach us a lot about ourselves. We are all human, and, incited by greed we are killing our planet and her natural inhabitants. We cannot change the past, we cannot predict the future – what we can do is act now and understand that nothing shall have die to make a sacrifice for peace; once toxicity is over we can be at ease. There is a cure, I am sure, and it is to let people and other beings be –free. Bees in grease; because they are suffering too, just like me and you, but we can end this by caring.