September 4, 2018

Why do we keep creating disingenuous, concealed versions of ourselves?

Isabella Pickard


This piece explores internal feelings as an exploration into my subconscious. Pulling out and questioning instinctive actions which create me as a person. It looks into how and why people feel self-conscious at times, feeling the need to conceal either their physical selves or aspects of their personality in order to feel comfortable. In our society, as it is today, we are constantly being distanced from reality, and distancing others from our own reality; creating a bubble of false or hidden information which obscures authenticity. In our modern culture we have become accustom to this overwhelming disingenuousness which covers us from the internet out. Social media plays a huge role in this, creating a globalised idea of perfection and a need for it in every aspect. These photographs on acetate are of a performance with multiple photographs layered on top of one another. A performance of moving whilst concealing my body with casts of myself, layering more paint onto my face after every shot. Every photo taken by myself. Myself as the subject and the photographer. Obfuscation, depth and confusion is achieved from movement and layering highlighting the distance we place between ourselves and reality.