January 30, 2020

Why do we invite the public world of Politics into the Privacy of our homes?

Christopher Gillespie

Line drawingEvening Reading, 2019A2

In the past number of years, I have (far too frequently) woken up in the middle of the night, looked at the news and welcomed events beyond my control into my home, into my Bedroom. While a lot of my recent work dealt directly with ideas of intrusions into everyday life, this picture was more the result of the aftermath of it all. It was a moment of calmness after a long period of disruption, and yet despite this, the mechanism of that disruption still lingers on here in the picture in the form of the laptop. I think that moment, with its looming contradictions and its representations of reading and pictures summed up and represented the on-going challenge posed by the computer. Even though the melodrama of all those historical and personal moments seem so very important, I think perhaps the accidental consequences of our willingness to allow news into our lives via the internet and how it quietly threatens our interior worlds is perhaps truthfully what we need to focus on. And maybe that was always true through-out the past five years.