January 31, 2021

Why Do We Hide Parts Of Ourselves And Can Creativity Help?

R Fraser

Recycled Packaging, Old Magazines, Flyers.

It can be frightening to reveal parts of ourselves that have been hidden. The identities that may have been given to us when growing up, or stories we told ourselves about who we are can be false, but difficult to shake off.

If you, like me, where told you were shy for example, does that mean you adopted this as a fixed part of yourself?

Does it mean you don’t go after the things you want in life because someone like you doesn’t do that sort of thing, because – what would people think?

Can we challenge this perception and uncover parts of ourselves not tainted by descriptive words put upon us?

Creativity, making, exploring, dressing up and trying on new identities, can help us see parts of ourselves that have been kept inside. I created work to explore this theme, using old magazines and recycled packaging. It helped me to explore parts of myself that are emerging, revealing, becoming. The paper cut outs signify that there can be multiple stories to tell ourselves about ourselves, not just the ones we heard or took on in childhood.