Freedom to feel is the most important value for me.
My image shows a girl, who avoids looking at the viewer, afraid of showing how she really feels.
She hides behind colours, shapes, and a beautiful Blue Bug, in order to divert his eyes from her facial expression.
This is how I felt for almost 25 years. I painted my hair, and I wore crazy dresses. I seemed confident and happy, while I felt lonely, boring and ugly, but I was too ashamed to admit it.

Last year I cried at a concert, and a girl came to me, and told me how brave she thought I was. That night I finally understood that allowing myself to show my emotions, didn’t make me seem weak and stupid, but strong and brave.

Freedom to ask someone to be your friend. Freedom to reply “I am not happy today”, if someone asks how you are. Freedom to accept tears, anger, and frustration as these emotions have the same value as happiness and excitement.
I would like everyone to feel free to look into my eyes, and show me how they really feel, because it would be a gift, not a defect.


Blue Bug
Digital image
25cm X 18.31cm

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